Clapping Back: West Virginians and the Power of Social Media

Geo-map-USA-West-VirginiaLast night, as hilarious memes of Chris Christie at Donald Trump’s press conference circulated on social media, the Daily Show tweeted the following:

It’s one of a genre of “jokes” about the state that comedians have relied on for decades for a cheap laugh. Before social media, about all West Virginians could do was shake their heads and express their frustrations among family and friends.

Not any more.  Social media has changed the rules of the game.  People from the state may not have the national audience that Trevor Noah has, but they can certainly clap back when it’s called for.  And boy, did they clap back.

And then my own:

I may not agree with all of my West Virginia kin on a variety of topics, but I’m pretty sure we are all in agreement that it’s time to put this worn out excuse for “funny” to bed.


3 thoughts on “Clapping Back: West Virginians and the Power of Social Media

  1. People who makes jokes about WV secretly wish that they belonged there. Despite being maimed by the mining corporations, WV and it’s people remain wild, wonderful and down to earth

  2. John Stewart also took pot shots at West Virginia, so I guess the new host is continuing the tradition. Historian Kenneth W. Noe wrote an essay on the origins of western Virginia as “other”, which I think many people in the southern Appalachian regions would find enlightening, as it applies to many outside of West Virginia. You can find it on the WV Archives and History website here-

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