KCoxI’m a professor of history who teaches courses on the history of the American South, especially the region’s social and cultural history.

Pop South founded in 2011, is an outgrowth of my book Dreaming of Dixie: How the South Was Created in American Popular Culture (2011) published by UNC Press.  Because that book closes before the era of television, I am often asked “When are you going to write the second half of the story?”  to which I often respond “That could be a multi-volume series, so I use my blog to do that.”

Much of what’s here examines contemporary popular culture through the lens of history.  It’s for the general reader and for students of southern history no matter what age.  If you’re going to use what’s here, then please cite my work, because it is work and not giving it proper credit is, well, you know, plagiarism.

Contact me with questions via email:  kcox@uncc.edu