My former MA student, Nicole Moore, is becoming a leader in slave interpretations at historic sites. She is now a member of the Cooking Gene Project Team. Meet her here:


Nicole Moore is one of my team members for The Cooking Gene.  She is now a seasoned historic interpreter with degrees in public history and psychology.  She will be cooking with me en route and will advise on the tour, giving me an extra pair of eyes that sees the world similarly to how I see it, but just different enough to open me up to a new perspective.  Please learn more about Nicole at her blog:  You can find out more about The Cooking Gene at our campaign site:  We strongly urge you to read our page, consider donating, and pass it on to others you know on social media such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn as well as by email and text.  Enjoy this interview with Nicole 🙂

  1. What first got you interested in being a historic interpreter? What inspired you? Where…

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