Who’s Gonna Fill Your Shoes, George Jones?

News recently broke that George Jones, whose distinctive voice and behavior made him a legend in country music, died today at the age of 81.  I have fond memories of listening to his music with my Maw Maw Crum back in West Virginia.  His nicknames “the possum” and “No Show Jones” hinted at his looks and the impact his alcoholism had on his performances.  Yet no one can dismiss his unique voice or his impact on country music.  Rest in Peace, George Jones.


4 thoughts on “Who’s Gonna Fill Your Shoes, George Jones?

  1. I am sorry that he died,but who would want to fill his shoes. The only thing that should be filled are the ears of Americans with ear plugs. I don’t want to hear people that sing like they have their nose plugged up. When they sing their R’s (URRRRRR ), it is as bad as scratching a chalkboard with fingernails. There is no sophistication in the music. I don’t want to hear about how great your tractor is or how your houndog did you wrong.

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