Announcing “Porch Talk” on Pop South

porchtalkI’m excited to announce the addition of a new section to my blog that I’m calling Porch Talk. (Yes, I know it’s not an original phrase, but it works well for the blog.) The idea is to interview authors and artists whose work on the American South fits into the larger discussion of the South in popular culture.

For now, these interviews will appear as pages in a Q&A format and you’ll be able to find them in the drop down menu under “Porch Talk” on the blog.  Ultimately, my plan is to start a podcast. That is, as soon as I figure out how to do it.  For now, I invite you to “listen” in on the very first interview, with Tammy Ingram, about her new book on the Dixie Highway. DH for those in the know.


2 thoughts on “Announcing “Porch Talk” on Pop South

  1. Really happy I discovered your blog. I was reading through the list from The South Goes to the Oscars. I have worked on the Oscars(five years) and am wondering why Best of the Southern Wild was not included? Also, I’m currently fixated on True Detective. Love!

    Thanks for your work, I’m learning a lot!


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